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Your international contacts


Mag.(FH) Georg Rainer, PhD

E-MAIL: georg.rainer[at]
MOBIL: +43(0)6641021310

„The most beautiful task for me is to match people and their characteristics, talents and attitudes with the needs of companies and to achieve the best possible matching in the process. It has become a passion for me to be able to perceive and describe the visible or invisible components of corporate cultures. All WOOfors team members and our partners are the guarantees that perfect matching is possible. How many perfect matches do you already have?"


Helena Korndörfer, BA

E-MAIL: helena.korndoerfer[at]
MOBIL: +43(0)67761050588

"Good knowledge of human nature and intuition are very important to me at my work. In addition, I have specific professional knowledge and experience, which make it clear to me that business and HR are in a deep partnership. According to my motto: Quality is the goal, but employee is the gold."


Michael Duft, BSc

E-MAIL: michael.duft[at]
MOBIL: +43(0)6502750568

"As a dedicated athlete, I always strive for maximum success. My mission is to consistently achieve the perfect match between qualified candidates and great positions. What's especially important to me is that people remain at the core of this process."

Our international team members, advisors, and partners work proactively and enthusiastically towards your goals. We see something special in every individual and a powerful, successful player in every company.


With strategy, heart and passion to the right match!

Staying innovative is a must

We see changes as an opportunity to grow. The faster the changes are, the better our results will be. We adapt our mindsets, methods, processes and resources until the results and goals are clearly achieved. With great sensitivity, we are always persistent and never give up! Through our result-oriented agility, we find your candidates where no one has looked before. For us, thinking outside of the box is a living reality.

Both sides have to win

For us, candidates and companies are equal partners. A positive balance of interests helps both sides and creates a win-win situation. The candidates, because they can realize their potential with the right task and activity. The companies, because the right employees in the right position create a competitive advantage. Only a win-win situation between employees and companies leads to success.

Working conditions are decisive

The expectations on the employer and the workplace are fundamentally changing: For many employees, the classic career has become outdated, and the question of meaning is coming to the fore instead. We advise you on the appropriate New Work methods and ensure that your company remains fit for the future. Companies that want to remain successful in the future must adapt their working conditions to the individual needs of their employees.

High Potentials for your success

Rise of Gen Z: Due to their online access and culture, Generation Z (born from 1995 onwards) is very perceptive and can quickly recognize insincere corporate brands. They are shaping the future of learning, leadership and work style. Thanks to our Gen Z consultants, we are always up to date and prepare your business for the right recruiting and the necessary environmental conditions of the youngest generation of professionals. We find the right high potentials for your company.

Feeling good in the team brings stability

With our methods for personality selection, we ensure the right cultural fit. The cultural fit indicates whether a candidate has a sufficient cultural similarity to the company/team. We focus on social skills, values, opinions and beliefs. A good cultural fit is advantageous for everyone involved. Those who fit in well with the organization and their colleagues will feel comfortable in their new job, are motivated and are likely to stay for the long term. Everyone benefits from this - the employees as well as the companies themselves.